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In summer 2017, and for the very first time, Brescia Bercane invites us to dive into her nomad world
and bring us with her to an exotic and oriental journey.

Every day, the designer is looking for joy and happiness, capturing moments of pure beauty everywhere she travels. Driven by her passion for crafts and her desire to move people through her art,
she decided to release a wonderful sarong capsule collection.

Made of light and delicate fabrics as soft as silk, the sarongs features handmade artworks.
They are real pieces of arts. The mix between vibrant colors and ethnic visage show that they can be used as decorative pieces. Showcased on a wall, main support as indoor decoration, the sarongs bring a real bohemian atmosphere. Those versatile pieces are definitely a must have for the travel lovers.

On a sunny day, the sarong can be an accessory, on another a decorative piece to bring joy
and happiness into a bedroom or a living room.

The Summer 2017 Collection offers a timeless moment in the sun
and a concept that will bring home away.


Photographer: Michelle Van Dijk

Model: Sasha Pereira

MUA: Little Leeyah