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The Anakita Candle is dedicated to the memory of will Paul Gauguin and spice trade in the 1900s. All lovers of art and travel will be enchanted by the scents of Cananga flower and green tea.
Sail on a traditional pirogue and discover a land where women live a joyful and slow art of living. Where their natural environment, the jungle, becomes one with them. Their forest, where roots intertwine, welcomes you and breathes vetiver and pandan exoticism.
A tribe from the end of the world, the «flower people», live in perfect harmony with nature and spirits on some unknown islands in Indonesia, the Mentawai.

TOP: Watermelon, Cempaka flower, Tomato leaf
HEART: Vetiver, Green Tea
BASE: Pandan, Island spices

This product is numerated, dated and 100% artisanal.
Made from 100% Coconut wax from Bali and a wooden stick.
190 gr
40 hour burn time

Price includes the candle, pouch packaging and bamboo box

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We have used the wooden wick for several reasons:

It gives a unique atmosphere:
The wooden wick is whispering so it crackles and leaves a nice "singing" reminiscent of a wood fire.
When you use your candle, the wooden wick will not sag, unlike cotton wicks. Lighting is very easy and it will not give off any odour when you extinguish it.
• Cleaner burn:
Wooden wick produces a slightly larger flame than cotton wicks and if trimmed properly are said to create a cleaner burn with less soot residue on the sides of our jar.

Our holistic candle combines the powers of essential oils and the element of wood to promote wellbeing.


Discover our own unique, luxury lineup of plant-based scented candles.
We design our signature line to be:
  Palm oil-Free

We support Balinese farmers by using locally harvested raw materials in our candles, such as coconut wax.
Our candles are:
• 100% Coconut Wax sourced in Bali
• Hand-poured in a ceramic jar made by our artisans in Kedungu and Jimbaran (Bali)

We have created 5 one-of-a-kind signature scents to connect our brand with you in a deeper more memorable way. Each scent is inspired by an illustration, its story, and its origins.

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