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The beachwear brand Brescia Bercane was created in 2017 in Bali, the island of gods, by launching a sarong collection.

Brescia, the artist-designer, has always been passionate about drawing and travelling off the beaten track. She first glimpsed the idea from her childhood, making her own creations with hand-drawn prints, being free in her job and able to live in. On the first year she arrived in Bali, she drew Berber portraits and had a click: to print her illustrations on sarongs that could be for the beach as for decoration. So the adventure begins!

She has launched the brand with a capsule collection of seven printed sarongs that proved to be a commercial success. The drawings inspired by ancestral tribes are entirely hand drawn and reflect a folk universe unique to Brescia. She developed a year after an entire seaside collection with swimwear and clothing. Brescia Bercane is a micro-business with paltry collections – made in Bali – but high ambitions.


In 2018, we have opened the doors of our Showroom-Atelier in Bali at No.22 Jalan Tegal Cupek, in the middle of the French area.

Pristine white walls, chicken cages covered by colourful kitsch flowers lamp made by hand. As soon as we enter the glass door, we jump into the designer’s nomad world. Sarongs, the flagship of the brand, are hanging on a wooden display and by white rope: thus, drawn portraits find their place here and are real artworks.

Our favourite moment of the day is when the sun goes down: all soft lights are creating a cosy and warm ambience that makes us want to take tea time. A place where everything brings us away! We are going for a walk into a magical break, trying swimwear, clothing as soft as silk: a wardrobe compiling all our desires to embrace the sea. Going further, another room – separated by high white glass canopies – is the office/atelier of the brand. The designer lets free her imagination and cultivates what is making the core of our brand: a range of colours, hand drawing and joy!