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As a micro-brand – the core of our business is to bring to life our hand-drawn prints. But also to support a local community and to build relationships with artisans who work for us. We are part of the international #whomademyclothes? movement and our brand is transparent.

We do not yet categorize our brand as 100% sustainable but as a conscious brand.  Today, it is impossible to be 100% eco-responsible and we prefer to be honest with you.

But what is an eco-responsible brand? It is a brand that provides sustainable environmental, the human or social benefit to all its stakeholders: its consumers, employees, suppliers and partners throughout its value chain and throughout the product life cycle.

Every day, we are doing our best to respect the community that works for us through gender equality, their working conditions and environment, but also since the beginning we have always used responsible and reusable packaging.

We waste nothing, everything is transformable. We work hard to be creative to minimize fabric waste. With all the scraps, we make clutches, headbands and scrunchies.

Discover below our sections to learn more about our commitments (more to come).

IN 2018

In 2018, we have set up a partnership with International Animal Rescue to help and care for orangutans in distress and injured because of palm oil plantations in Indonesia by donating 5% from our sarong and wall art sales.

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IN 2019

In 2019, we achieved one of our most important goals: to be a 100% free plastic brand. Living in Indonesia for the past 5 years, we have always been aware of the waste problem and we consciously aim to raise awareness among artisans and local people around us about alternatives to plastic.

For a sustainable reason, we are using biodegradable and durable materials wherever we can, and we keep packaging to a minimum, meaning your order will arrive free of individual plastics. For wholesale orders, we fold our products into a biodegradable polybag from Avani, working as a protective sleeve during delivery. For customer orders, we use cotton tote bags with handmade tassels or tighten pouch perfumed with fig fragrance from South of France (Grasse).


By 2021, we aim to use certified recycled fabric for our swimwear. This is not obvious when you live in Bali because there is less choice of fabric on the Indonesian market. We try to implement this without compromising the softness of the fabric on your skin, its elasticity and its price.

A new capsule line will be launched in 2021: activewear.
Made from bamboo fiber (90% bamboo, 10% spandex). A sustainable fabric naturally antibacterial, soft and highly absorbent.