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Every year, finding the perfect swimsuit for women can be a headache. How do you find the perfect bikini enhancing your silhouette? Whether you are thin or curvy, with wide or narrow hips, small or generous breasts, we help you find the perfect bikini according to your morphology. Follow the morphological guide to enhance your body this summer!


A thin chest, wide hips and potential saddlebags


Goal: to catch the attention to your breasts, to rebalance the volumes and make the silhouette more harmonious.

• The bikini top:

The bandeau swimsuit top enhances your bust. You can also choose the push-up zipped bikini top to catch the eye on your upper body.

• The bikini bottom:

To enhance your legs, the Brazilian bikini bottom is perfect as it lengthens the legs and makes them look slimmer. If you feel uncomfortable wearing the Brazilian bikini bottom, then go for the classic bikini bottom, which is also a great option, especially if you wear it on your hips and not underneath.

• The one-piece swimsuit:

Choose the halter one-piece plunging neckline or the one-piece asymmetrical swimsuit to emphasize your upper body.

To avoid: the high waist bikini bottom, as it may draw attention to the hips by covering them a bit too much.


Broad shoulders and narrow hips

Goal: draw the eye to the bottom part of your silhouette.

• The bikini top:

Enhance your chest with a triangle bikini top. The cut-out necklines visually reduce the width of your shoulders.

• The bikini bottom:

For a harmonious silhouette, the high-waisted bottom is perfect by adding volume to the hips thanks to its covering shape. The classic bikini bottom can also be a great option.

• The one-piece swimsuit:

The halter one-piece swimsuit highlights the chest. The classic one-piece swimsuit has the same role with its rounded neckline.

To avoid the bikini bottom because it won’t highlight your hips and the zip front swimsuit top with straight straps.


Generous chest, shoulders and belly

Goal: learn how to enhance your curvy body

• The bikini top:

The triangle bikini top enhances your generous breast and the straps are adjustable. The bikini top allows maximum tanning and is fully lined and adjustable at the back for better comfort. Excellent support also thanks to the underwire on each side of the bandeau and the integrated elastics.

• The bikini bottom:

The Brazilian bikini bottom refines the hips with its adjustable spaghetti ties and the high-waisted bottom beautifully marks your waist and hides your little tummy.

• The one-piece swimsuit:

If you have to choose a 1 piece swimsuit, go for the classic 1-piece swimsuit. It maintains your bust while refining your silhouette thanks to a shaping effect: it does not attenuate curves, but “re-shaped”. Thus you sublimate your chest with its rounded neckline.

Avoid the classic bikini bottom which cuts your hips.


Waist not well defined but hips and shoulders of the same width

Goal: To highlight the waist

• The bikini top:

If you want to wear a 2-piece bikini, go for the triangle top. The Brescia Bercane triangle tops have an interior opening to insert small padding. The triangle bikini top or push-up zip-up top naturally shapes your bust.

• The bikini bottom:

Apart from the retro look or surfing style, the high waist swimsuit also draws the eye to your waistline. A classic bikini panty is also a suitable option.

• The one-piece swimsuit:

The one-shoulder swimsuit refines your silhouette besides being shapely.

Avoid square necklines by making the silhouette monotonous.


Waist, hips, and shoulders of the same wide

Goal: To avoid to unbalance your harmonious silhouette.

• The bikini top:

You can choose whatever type of bikini top according to the look you want. The push-up zip front swimsuit top highlights your chest if you are athletic, a bikini triangle top for a plunging neckline, the bandeau top for bigger breasts.

• The bikini bottom:

The classic bottom is timeless, but you can dare the Brazilian bikini bottom which lengthens your legs and enhances your flat belly. If you have a little belly, you can turn to the high-waisted swimsuit bottom.

• The one-piece swimsuit:

The classic one-piece swimsuit and the one-shoulder 1-piece.



The Brescia Bercane one-piece swimsuit fit your pregnant silhouette and especially your round belly. It is comfortable for swimming and keeps you away from sunburn. It also helps to hide that little fuzz that sometimes appears on pregnant women tummies. The 1 piece swimsuit is very elegant and suits a pregnant woman’s expectations.

Important note: we recommend taking 1 or 2 sizes above your usual size.

You can also choose the 2 piece bikini which highlights your feminine silhouette while allowing you to enjoy seawater. The bikini bottom and the classic bottom will not slip thanks to the elastics which are part of the swimsuit belt. You will also love the adjustable size of the bikini bottom.

The sarong Brescia Bercane is also a wonderful option to combine with your maternity swimsuit.