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Brescia’s inspirations mainly comes from tributes from all around the world, vintage folkloric textiles and fusion of bright colors. Samburu, Masaï, Berbers or Gypsy Cobra tribes… every feminine face from the other end of the planet inspire her, they have in their eyes something special the others don’t have.
Their exoticism, primitive traditions, stories and pains interest the designer.
Then,  she reinterpreted in her own all that mixed inspirations to create a subtil and eclectic artwork. Jewelry is also very important in her work as they adorn the woman she is creating and define her universe.

All prints are the result of a real artistic process: each has a soul and is worked during many weeks with pencils, Japanese pens, nib and Indian ink. 


Every day, the designer is looking for joy and happiness, capturing moments of pure beauty everywhere she travels. Driven by her passion for crafts and her desire to move people through her art, she cultivates the love of sarong in each collection.

Our sarongs feature hand drawn artworks printed on a silky soft touch fabric. Showcased as tablecloths, bed blankets or on a wall as hanging tapestries,  sarongs bring an arty bohemian atmosphere. Those versatile pieces are definitely a must have for the travel lovers.

On a sunny day, they could be worn as a beach accessory or a large scarf, on another day, they could be used for decorative pieces to bring joy and happiness in a living room.

Our sarong range will bring you away and take you to a bohemian journey.